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Special Focus on Your Consumer Bankruptcy Taxation Issues

Are you concerned about how your bankruptcy filing will effect your federal and state tax liabilities? Are you experiencing an insurmountable burden resulting from tax debt?

Unpaid federal and state tax liabilities require special consideration for individuals and business owners filing bankruptcy. Some tax debts, such as unpaid income taxes less than three years old, cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Therefore, it is possible that some or all of your tax liabilities may be “non-dischargeable” or still be owed after your bankruptcy has been completed but can be paid off in a Chapter 13 wage earner plan.

At the Berkley Bankruptcy Attorneys, we thoroughly review your legal and financial situation, and analyze your tax liabilities. Only then can we devise a strategy for resolving your tax liability that will put you back on your feet.

We are a full-service bankruptcy law firm headed by Martin J. Berkley, attorney at law. Mr. Berkley has practiced bankruptcy law exclusively since 1990. Since 2001, in Arizona alone, he has helped thousands of clients with consumer bankruptcy filings, and the potentially serious tax issues that accompanied them.

Look to the Berkley Law Office for the tax information you need in light of your bankruptcy strategy. Contact experienced bankruptcy lawyer Martin J. Berkley today, toll-free, from wherever you are in Phoenix or Maricopa County.

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Your Tax Problems Can Be Solved. The Berkley Law Office Can Show You How.

We will identify your predicament and develop strategies to combat your tax issues. A major area of concern results from the large number of foreclosures being conducted in the Phoenix metro area.

Many people own one or more rental properties in addition to their residence. It is not uncommon for an individual to come in for a free initial consultation with two or three scheduled foreclosure sales. In some cases, the deficiency owed to the mortgage company as a result of the foreclosure sale will not result in tax liability to the homeowner because of the Arizona “anti-deficiency” statute. However, in all too many cases, the owner will receive a 1099 tax form from the mortgage company for the forgiveness of debt, and will end up being assessed substantial personal tax liability.

This is simply one example. In bankruptcy, complex tax issues must be identified, analyzed and evaluated very carefully. At the Berkley Law Office, we will advise you on matters of tax debt relief, the effect of foreclosure sales and other events that create tax liabilities, the importance of debt forgiveness, and the anti-deficiency statute in bankruptcy.

The Berkley Bankruptcy Attorneys offers honest, accurate and thorough answers to your questions about bankruptcy tax issues. Contact our Tempe law office by toll-free phone or e-mail.

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