Repossessions & Wage Garnishments

Get Instant Relief from Repossession & Wage Garnishment

Are you falling behind on your car or truck payments? Are you afraid that your vehicle will be repossessed?

Are your wages being garnished by your creditors? Do you want to know how to stop it?

The filing of a consumer bankruptcy provides instant debt relief, meaning that you get full Court protection from repossession, garnishment and those nagging collectors, immediately upon filing the case. At the Berkley Bankruptcy Attorneys in Tempe, Arizona, we can show you how to go on living, working and driving without the fear that you are going to lose the property that is so important to you.

Our founding attorney Martin J. Berkley has helped people just like you, in situations exactly like yours, for more than 30 years. He has practiced bankruptcy law exclusively since 1990. During that period he has successfully filed thousands of bankruptcies. His timely advice can give you a new financial lease on life.

Protect your rights to your car, truck or SUV. Safeguard your paycheck from invasion by creditors. Contact our law office now to schedule a free initial consultation and get peace of mind.

Keep Your Possessions & Paycheck by Filing a Consumer Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings instantly address your wage garnishment problem. The filing of a Chapter 13 will prevent the repossession of your motor vehicle. Under your Chapter 13 Plan, you will keep your car or truck and set up a repayment plan that pays less per month than you are now paying. Under certain circumstances, you may be able to pay your creditor only the market value of the vehicle, not the inflated balance of the loan.

We understand your concerns about keeping your motor vehicle. We live in a mobile culture. You need your car or truck to get to your job, home and church. Our firm is sympathetic to your situation and will work hard to help you obtain the debt relief you need fast.

Do you have other questions about how bankruptcy protection can work for you? Bankruptcy lawyer Martin J. Berkley will personally answer every one of your questions, honestly and accurately, during your free initial consultation with the Berkley Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Speak with the Berkley Bankruptcy Attorneys, Free of Charge

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