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Sound Legal Advice on How to Keep Your Arizona Home

Are creditors closing in on your Arizona home? Do you fear losing your home to foreclosure? If your family is a victim of the recession and you don’t know where to turn, then turn to the Berkley Bankruptcy Attorneys in Tempe.

Martin J. Berkley, our firm’s founder, is an experienced and skilled bankruptcy attorney. He has helped thousands of people just like you stop foreclosure by filing bankruptcy. Many of these foreclosures were stopped at the 11th hour by the automatic stay as a result of the case filing.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy in particular, along with “lien” stripping”, is a powerful tool to stop your foreclosure sale instantly while setting up a repayment plan to bring your back mortgage payments current over time. But there is more. Most homeowners are buried in an “equity line of credit” or “second mortgage”. “Lien stripping” is only available in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and is a powerful procedure that you may qualify for to remove that “equity line of credit”.

With the help of our Berkley Law Office, you instantly have the power to stop your mortgage foreclosure. To find out more about foreclosure and “lien stripping”, contact us. Call our lawyer toll-free from anywhere in greater Phoenix and Maricopa County. 1-480-921-2993 for your peace of mind.

You Can Avoid Foreclosure. The Berkley Bankruptcy Attorneys Will Tell You How.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a viable strategy to save your home. Supposed non-bankruptcy alternatives such as loan modifications and short sales could only make matters worse. The banks and mortgage companies are swamped with defaulted mortgages and homeowners trying to save their homes and reduce their mortgage payments. They are unable to process all the requests in time to stop the foreclosure sales that they started. Yes, while you are negotiating with your mortgage company, they may be foreclosing on your home at the very same time.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the only secure and certain way to get instant debt relief to stop that foreclosure. If you have more than one mortgage, “lien stripping” under Chapter 13 is the only sure way to free up your equity and stop those “second mortgage” payments. Yes, eliminate your mortgage payment without the necessity of a loan modification. Before getting bogged down and disappointed with the loan modification and short sale processes, find out if you qualify and see how much you will benefit from these powerful tools.

Whatever alternative is best for your situation, we can make a difference in resolving your foreclosure. You worked hard to purchase your residence — we will work hard to help you keep it.

Contact our Berkley Bankruptcy Attorneys and speak with Martin J. Berkley about how we can help you.

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