Bankruptcy Overview

Martin J. Berkley’s 30-Plus Years of Experience Can Work for You

If you have lost your job, your ability to pay bills and your belief in yourself, the Berkley Bankruptcy Attorneys in Tempe can help you regain your financial footing and confidence.

Over attorney Martin J. Berkley’s more than three decades of experience, he has been successful in helping thousands of bankruptcy clients in Arizona alone. The Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies he set into motion gave his fellow citizens a new financial lease on life.

Mr. Berkley’s reputation for results can benefit you too.

When it comes to attacking your nagging financial problems, you have more options than you think. You may be able to liquidate and start fresh. You can reorganize. You can protect your small business with the right moves at the right time.

For instant debt relief, to escape financial pressures, contact the Berkley Bankruptcy Attorneys. One toll-free phone call to 1-480-921-2993 secures your free consultation and your peace of mind.

Considering Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona? The Berkley Law Office Can Help.

Veteran bankruptcy lawyer Martin J. Berkley provides clients in the greater Phoenix area with sound advice on:

The automatic stay of personal bankruptcy provides instant debt relief and puts an immediate end to foreclosure threats, repossession woes, wage garnishment and creditor harassment.

Reclaim your life. Put our full-service bankruptcy law firm’s 30-plus years of experience on your side. Contact us today and tell us how we can help you.

Free Initial Consultations

Your first meeting with Martin J. Berkley is always free of charge. Call now, toll-free, or e-mail us to set your appointment. 1-480-921-2993.

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